New partnership with Nimbus!

August 22, 2020 | By Kimmi Neuschulz

If you haven’t heard, LUX performing arts is moving into the brand new Nimbus Arts Center!

Many of our current students probably know us by the name Singing With Molly. As you can see, we’ve renamed and rebranded, and we’re now LUX Performing Arts! You might be wondering:

“What about all the teachers we had and classes we took before? What’s happening with them?”

Don’t worry! The same amazing community we’ve built over the years isn’t going away. All of our incredible teachers are still here and committed to creating and making music and theatre with all of you! We’ve even added a couple new teachers to the team cough cough (like me) cough cough :)

So, we’re in partnership with Nimbus Arts Center at the Lively- with incredible, state of the art, new facilities for us. There are beautiful open dance studios as well as a 150-person black box theatre. This is our new home come the fall!

Some of you all might already dance at Nimbus. And for those of you that don’t dance but have wanted to start, now is the perfect opportunity! We are so excited for this incredible partnership and to be able to use this beautiful space.

We hope you can celebrate with us at the Nimbus Arts Center at the Lively: A Virtual Grand Opening ( Molly will be singing and introducing LUX to the community!

Kimmi <3

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