Welcome To LUX!

August 16, 2020 | By Kimmi Neuschulz

Oh, hey there!

Welcome to the debut of LUX’s official blog. (WOO!) Here you’ll find posts about our new or upcoming events, singing tips and tricks, interviews with professionals in the industry, and everything in between.

Now I should probably introduce myself. SO…hey! I’m Kimmi :) I’m a voice teacher here at LUX as well as the social media manager (meaning that a majority of these blog posts will be written by moi!) Now you’re probably thinking:

“Who is this girl??”

Well I’m so glad you asked! I won’t bore you with my whole life story (even though it’s pretty interesting if I do say so myself), but I’d love to tell you all a little bit about me and how I got involved in this wonderful, crazy industry of theatre. cue jazz hands

I kind of always loved performing. I spent a lot my earlier years dancing around my living room and putting on puppet shows for my parents. And when my mom and dad enrolled me in my first tap class, it was love at first flap! After taking about two years of dance classes I decided that I wanted to get rid of any free time I had by adding voice lessons and acting classes to the mix.

(Funnily enough, Molly Dunn, the head of the voice faculty at LUX, was actually one of my voice teachers growing up! Now I’m working with her, so it’s come full circle. Crazy stuff!)

When I got to middle school and they started doing productions of musicals too, my days looked like this:

School 👏Rehearsal 👏Theatre Classes 👏Sleep 👏School👏Rehearsal 👏Theatre Classes 👏Sleep...and so on and so forth. (Shout out to my parents for being the realest and driving me everywhere.)

Then when I got to my senior year of high school, I started applying for colleges. I KNEW that I had to major in theatre. I went through the rigorous process of applying and auditioning for different musical theatre programs around the country, and ended up getting into a lot of my top schools! YAY ME!

I decided on the one…the only…Ithaca College!!

I spent the next four years of my life studying up in the icy tundra that is upstate New York and really honed in on my skills as an actor, singer, and dancer- I even found a love for choreographing! I also realized how much I enjoyed teaching. At first, it was just me tutoring my friends in music theory classes or helping run review sessions for our movement exams in dance. Then, over the summers I picked up a handful of internships that focused on teaching theatre to kids of all ages.

I really wish there was more to this story, but that’s kind of how it ends! I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BFA in Musical Theatre earlier this month! So now I’m in the “real world” trying to “make it” – whatever that means.

Besides performing and teaching I’m also an advocate for plus-size and Asian-American artists. And when I’m not doing the whole “theatre” thing you can probably find me embroidering, watching The Office, or munching on some popcorn!

…I guess that’s it haha! I’m super excited for this new chapter and to create this theatre home with all of you. See y’all soon for my next blog post!

xoxo Gossip Girl (Just kidding I’m not ending my blog posts that way)

Ok byeeee. Kimmi <3

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