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December 16, 2020 | By Kimmi Neuschulz

TECCS Scholarship!

Now that LUX is able to accept donations, we have been reaching out to local public schools to meet more students. This is a life changing opportunity for young artists of all backgrounds to study the arts. Our first (of hopefully many to come) is the TECCS Performing Arts Scholarship!

TECCS Performing Arts Scholarship is for a rising 7th or 8th grader showing artistic promise in music, acting & film, or songwriting who may not have had the opportunity to study the arts outside of school. I was able to chat with our first scholarship recipient, Enni Suarez, and ask her a little bit about her love for performing and her experience taking these classes at LUX.

What got you into the performing arts?

I actually signed up for a talent show for singing at my school, The Ethical Community Charter School. My guidance counselor told Molly about me and how much I love singing. Since then singing was a dream!

What’s your favorite kind of music?

My favorite kind of music is K-Pop. My favorite artists are BTS, Blackpink, Big Bang, Super M, Super Jr, and Twice. I love them because they inspire me with who they’ve become. I wanna be like these artists and I hope one day I can be a singer like them.

What’s your favorite part about the singing/performing arts?

My favorite part about singing is being able to take away my fear and being comfortable. I love singing and I’ve been singing since I was little and I just grew up doing it!

How are you enjoying the classes at LUX?

I’m really enjoying Songwriting and all the classes! I love how I get to learn new things in Songwriting and Broadway Company, and work on belting in my private voice lesson. It’s very exciting that I get to learn more every class!

What are you looking forward to with these new classes you’re taking?

I’m looking forward to having more lessons and learning new things with my teachers. I’m more confident with my singing, but I still get nervous sometimes.

Enni will be performing in the upcoming Winter Recital, Pasek & Paul Cabaret, and Songwriting Showcase. Please visit our events page to watch her and all the students perform!

If you missed our Teacher/Alumni Scholarship Concert, you can still watch it here:

And it’s never too late to donate! If you’re able and willing, please consider donating to our scholarship fund so we can help other amazing kids like Enni attend classes here at LUX!

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